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Ispace Wars: Prologue - Ispace

The door clicked closed as Liliac placed the tray of food on the small table. "And how are you today?" she asked conversationally.

Phoebe stared out of the window, but Liliac doubted she was even seeing the sweeping heights of the Misty Mountains, the tangled forest about their feet.

"Some of my operatives ran into agents of the PPC today," Liliac went on. "Apparently they'd both gone after the same elf-lusting Sue. And of course the Protectors attacked – what would you expect of people who call themselves Assassins?"

Nothing from Phoebe.

Liliac shrugged. "My girls drove them off and finished the Sue," she went on. "Shows the value of superior training – or, ha, any training. Of course, the Mary-Sue Academy has asked us not to kill them any more. They say they want to 'redeem' the Sues - and since we're not bloodthirsty maniacs, we'll actually do it, too."


Liliac actually took three steps towards the door before she caught herself. "So you can still talk," she observed. "Have you thought any further about my offer?"


Liliac sighed. "Phoebe, you know me. I'm not the villain of this story. You're my friend, and I-"

"We are not friends!" Phoebe snapped. "You tricked me – lied to me – kidnapped me – killed all those people! You're a monster!"

"And you're not thinking straight," Liliac said coldly. "Killed them? Even if I could get past Huinesoron's defences – the Administrator's, I mean – they were fangirls. Have you forgotten who you are?"

"You still tried!" Phoebe snarled. "I want nothing to do with you."

"You don't have a choice," Liliac informed her. "Phoebe, we only want what's best for you."

"Then LET ME GO."

This time Liliac didn't even twitch. "No can do," she said. "You're in protective custody, like the other elves in the Mountain-"

"There are no other elves!" Phoebe snapped, her 'Token Elf' instincts coming to the fore.

"- and that means you stay in the Mountain." Liliac rubbed her eyes and gestured at the leaflets on the table. "You could be doing something productive, you know. We've got a lot of positions open – if you'd just take a look-"

"Why can't you just send me home?" Phoebe demanded. "Then I wouldn't be an elf any more – problem solved."

"We don't know that," Liliac countered. "I'm still tangled up with my younger self, and I am home. Why should you be any different?"

But Phoebe's gaze had returned to the window, to the breathtaking landscapes of Middle-earth. Liliac sighed, picked up the remains of the previous meal, and left her friend to her thoughts.

Disclaimer: All references to canons belong to their respective creators. Phoebe and Liliac are based on concepts submitted to OFUDisc. Ispace is my own creation. All details of the plot are my own.

Author's Note: And we meet the hero of the piece. Or the villain. How you categorise Liliac depends on your point of view. It'll be interesting to see how she turns out. Now, since we're still in the Prologues, how about a recap on Ispace?

Ispace: The Interdimensional Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elves has been around nearly a decade. Founded by Glorfindel to defend Middle-earth's elves from fangirls, its goals have shifted since Liliac (former Head of Assignments) took over. It now defends all elves, anywhere in the Multiverse - and from anything. While there are exceptions and allowances made - the Nearest And Dearest Exception being one of the most used - and they are not large enough to be everywhere, Ispace Rule One is unambiguous and stern. If you harm an elf, they're coming to get you.

Recently, Ispace has begun an offensive against the other trans-dimensional organisations. Liliac personally infiltrated OFUDisc, befriending Phoebe, who - due to her application form being creatively misinterpreted - was a 'Token' (not 'Tolkien') Elf. Phoebe was also made Death of Fangirls - and when Liliac abducted her in the course of Ispace's assault on the OFU, she retained her powers. Of course, they only activate when a fangirl is killed...

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