Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Ispace Wars: Ladies' Academy - Marchessa

Battle of the Heroes

In the benigging there were six tribes of elfs. They was the sun Elves the Wood elfs the Moon Elfs the See Elves the Drow elves and the Wide Elfs. And they were all in war. But hidden deep beneath the mountains of Faerun was a seventh typo of elf…

Drizzt Do-Urden was restlessly. The goddess Lolth had send him a message saying that THE DAY OF TH STARS IS COME and, he didn't know what it means. So he was hiding in the wood to try and not be found by anyon. But then a spider came in through the roof; and Drizzt knew it was Lolth.

"I know it was you, Lolth," said, Drizzt, while drawing his swords Twinkle, and Icingdeath and holding them at Lolth. "You can't not hide from me."

"But why do you think I am Lolth?" asked the spider, and it turned into… a Drow Elv! Then Drizzt said, "Gasp! But you are dead?"

"The ways of the Underdark are dark and mystery," said the Drow Elf. "It is I, your sister who is called Vierna!"

"But you are dead?" Drizzt repeated again. "I mean, I'm pretty sure I killed you."

"You did," Vierna agreed, "but now I am better again because of the magic of Lolth. And I have been send to give you a message, it is, THE DAY OF STAR HAS COME."

Ispace Wars: Ispace - Alteration

"This isn't going to work, you know."

Liliac scowled at the duck-billed platypus perched on a wall beside her. "Don't be such a pessimist, Platy."

The Noble Platypus waggled her beak. "I'm being a realist," she corrected. "Remember what happened when we tried to stop the rise of Slaneesh?"

Liliac winced, her left hand rising to touch the black-rimmed badge that commemorated the operatives Ispace had lost on that job. "We knew that was a long shot," she pointed out. "But we didn't have a choice. Before Aranel got the bridges working through OFU blocks, we needed the Eldar. That job was their price."

"It was too high," Platy said bluntly. "Kjersti, Blizz… they didn't deserve to die like that."

Liliac nodded, pulling her purple cloak tighter around herself. "No. But this isn't the same, Platy."

Maths Tests from the OFUs

Among the many, many (many, many, many) subjects OFU students are required to learn, mathematics is seen by some to be the most important. By 'some', we mostly mean 'Lord Elrond of OFUM', of course, but nevertheless.

For those students who may be slacking in their work, we provide here three maths papers for three different OFUs. Fail them at your peril.