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Ispace Wars: Ladies' Academy - Marchessa

Battle of the Heroes

In the benigging there were six tribes of elfs. They was the sun Elves the Wood elfs the Moon Elfs the See Elves the Drow elves and the Wide Elfs. And they were all in war. But hidden deep beneath the mountains of Faerun was a seventh typo of elf…

Drizzt Do-Urden was restlessly. The goddess Lolth had send him a message saying that THE DAY OF TH STARS IS COME and, he didn't know what it means. So he was hiding in the wood to try and not be found by anyon. But then a spider came in through the roof; and Drizzt knew it was Lolth.

"I know it was you, Lolth," said, Drizzt, while drawing his swords Twinkle, and Icingdeath and holding them at Lolth. "You can't not hide from me."

"But why do you think I am Lolth?" asked the spider, and it turned into… a Drow Elv! Then Drizzt said, "Gasp! But you are dead?"

"The ways of the Underdark are dark and mystery," said the Drow Elf. "It is I, your sister who is called Vierna!"

"But you are dead?" Drizzt repeated again. "I mean, I'm pretty sure I killed you."

"You did," Vierna agreed, "but now I am better again because of the magic of Lolth. And I have been send to give you a message, it is, THE DAY OF STAR HAS COME."

"Gasp!" said Drizzt. "But what does that mean?"

"IT MEANS ME," said a other voice, and, there was a bright ligh at the window and, something came in.

"IT MEANS ME", said the voice as the woman, revelled herself to be a woman. "I am call Marchessa, and I am the Queeness of the Star Elf."

"Gasp!" said Drizzt. "But why ar you her?"

"To bring the light, of the stars back to Faerun," exclaimed Marchessa. "Ten hundred years ago the other elvs tried to lock the Star Elves away but, we escaped now and it is our time agin! Doyou not feel good already?"

Drizzt looked at the start elf and he did feel good. "That is the light of. The stars filling you" said Marchessa.

"Drizzt," said Vierna "this star Elf is bad. We lock them away for a good reason: they want to destroy everything which is nice."

"Oh," said Drizzt and; "Gasp!" And then he, was looked at the two women and he, said "why are you both of you naked!

"Because Lolth, told me to be" stated Vierna "She said I" had to work against Marchessa"

"I'm am just here to bring love to, the word!" said Marchessa. "Drizzt! Do you not think I am not beutiful."

Drizzt locked at Marchessa and saw that she had curves in all the write places. Her hair, was a luscious red with silver highlights and, it ran down her beck like a waterfall of ice. She was using her, hands to cove herself modestly; and Drizzt could saw that she has long red fingernaisl. Her eyes are large and pruple with god flecks and, her skin seems to glow from within with, the light of the stars.

"You are beautiful," Drizzt says, "and I, think I am love you."

"But weight!" explains Vierna. "Surly I am more beautiful."

And Drizzt looks at Vierna and, sees that her curves are also perfect and, her skin is as black as midnight with a dark light coming out of it; also her hair is pure, white and braided in braids with silver) hairclips. Here eyes glow a sensual red and, she stands as if she were proud of her body and wants to display it.

"You are beautiful" Drizzt says ",and I think, I would love you too. BNut you are my sister!"

"O that's' okay," says Vierna" because Lolth has made it so we are not related now. And so you' are free to love me.'

"But I have more beautiful" said Marchessa seductively. "Drizzt if, you come with me Iwill use the power of the gods Giritinu to give,you magic powers and also make your skinnot dark."

Drizzt was tempered by this because he, had always wanted his skin to be normal again. He put away his sword and went toward Marchessa.

But wait!" said Vierna, "because if you go with, her she will destroy the world and also you will be destroyed.

"I agree," Drizzt agreed "butt she is very beautiful. Maybe she will help, me with forget Eellifain and Catti-brie and, Dahlia." So Drizzt held out his, arms to Marchessa.

"Yes my belove" said Marchessa, "come with me and I will be happy together in the Snowflake Mountains!"

I will come with yo," said Drizzt, but then Vierna grabbed his sword from him and stabs Marchessa through the hart!

"Noooooo" said Drizzt. He held Marchessa in his armies as she bled and he kissed her all over her body. "Marchessa I, love you{ you can't die!"

"Yes she can!" laughed Vierna. Dying is all she can doing now!"

"No!" Drizzt grabbed his other sword Twinkledeath and lunged at Vierna but, she lifted Icing and stopped him.

"You can fight me bro,ther, Lolth's power is in me" said Vierna.

"We'll maybe there is more powers in the world than Lolth," said Drizzt while they fought. Maybe Marchessa had a god of her own who will help me."

"Yes I do!" said Marchessa while a white glow came through the window and surrounds her and pick her up again. 'The Sun Elfs worship the one true goddess who is called Seldarine! And her pow will help you Drizzt just like is has healed me!" And she cried out in a strange tongue: "Dann sind die Decken mit Schnee bedeckt!"

Drizzt was full with strength and fought Vierna back, taking her sword and breaking it over his knee as he held her against the wall. Marchessa still, floating, came over to them.

"You tried to kill me," she said to Vierna 'because, you do not understand the ways of Seldarine are foreign to you. The false god Lolth has put a spell on you.'

"No, that's is not true!" explained Vierna. "I am a loyal servant of Lolth is my god!'

"I will kill you again!" cried Drizzt, drawing his sword, but Marchessa put ont hengle hand on his arm.

"No because that is what Lolth wants" she said. "Instead we should take her with us Together our love, can heal her and make her ggood again.'

"Maybe," said Drizzt as he kissed Marchessa "but I fear the power of the Underdark will never let her go.'

"Oh my, love" explained Marchessa "that is because you do not understand the powers of Seldarine's power. Vierna can be redeemed = even as I was!"

Disclaimer: Forgotten Realms belongs to Ed Greenwood. Drizzt Do'Urden belongs to RA Salvatore. This story, and Marchessa, belong to me (heaven help me).

Author's Note: The Ladies' Academy for Mary-Sue Enrichment continue their brilliant scheme to distract Ispace while their strike is underway. It's genius, I tell you, genius!

Yeah, this chapter hurt. Trivia: the random line of German spoken by Marchessa is, according to my grandfather, the only one he can remember after learning it during WWII: Then are the roofs covered with snow...

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