Friday, 1 February 2013

The Mini-Luggage Adoption Centre

In the grand tradition of Fanfiction Universities, OFUDisc is seeking to send all of its mini-Luggages to good homes. As the minis are spawned by the endless misspelling of canon names, they will be listed here.

To adopt a mini, simply select one without a home, and leave a comment here specifying the name under which you wish to adopt it. Your name will be noted as the mini's official adopter, and you will be given a special certificate of ownership, either in reply to your comment or by email.

To keep things fair, we're keeping things on a one-mini-per-person, first-come-first-served basis. Additionally, if you have previously adopted a mini-Luggage (freelance, as it were), we encourage you to register them here so we can add them to the list. All previous adopters will receive credit and a certificate - and if two people have contrived to adopt the same mini, we'll organise some sort of time-share.

Any PPC writers who want their Agent to also adopt their mini - that's fine. Let us know, and we'll issue twin adoption certificates.

The Mini-Luggage Master List

Albert O'Malley
Alberto Malice
Old Burn
Carrrot - adopted by DawnFire (& PPC Agent Edgar Sullivan)
Chair of Desperately Studly
Doctor Lunch
dried fog pills

Granny Wetherwax
Granhy Weatherwax
Hexxx - adopted by Outhra

Klashian Coffee
Lecturer in Decent Rooms - adopted by the Irish Samurai
Library Nun
Lubsang - adopted by Ivan the Not-so-Terrible

ms. Cakes
Mustard Ridicully
Nanny Og

Rinsewind - adopted by Huinesoron
San Vimes - adopted by Khaosity
Sam Vines
Seedier Waggler
Susan Sto Hellit

Unclean University

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